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First Giveaway by Nurul's Blogshop

Assalamualaikum , holla dearest .
Now , miss nak join another GA .

Awesome banner right ?

Organised by ;

Hadiah :

utama:-voucher RM20.00 +1 Item dari Nurul's Blogshop x seorang

-3helai shawl x 3 orang
-topup RM5 x 3 orang
-edit full blogskinwith header x 4orang
-animated header x 3 orang
-header x 2orang
-doodles x 2orang
-voucher RM5.00 x 3orang dari Nurul's Blogshop

top refferal:
-voucher RM20.00 dari Nurul's Blogshop x seorang
emua penyertaan:
-Voucher RM2.00 dari Nurul's Blogshop

Wow , amazing present to be win !
Come on lets join . Tag : All of the readers

Hope ade rezeki . Amin

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ezzamalik said...

dear tq join and good luck (:
esok check nama ^^

Miss Lovouis said...

@ezzamalik Done check ! => Hope ade rezeki menang . Amin

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