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SPM English : Step by Wicked Step Evidence 1

Holla and Assalamualaikum guys !!!
Today , I would to share Step by Wicked Step's evidence for SPM questions .


*When Richard ran away from home ;
Themes / values : Sacrifice / selfless / love / brave (courageous)

  1. After Richard's father died , his mother re-married to Mr. Coldstone .
  2. Mr. Coldstone treated him badly but he was very nice and kind to Charlotte
  3. His mother did not object to what Mr. Coldstone was doing to him
  4. He felt left out and he thought that if he was not in the picture , the three of them (his mother , sister and Mr. Coldstone) would be much happier.
  5. Thus , he sacrificed his own happiness by running away from home in order to make his mother and sister happy .
*When Richard promoted from a cabin boy to become a captain ;

Themes / values : Hardworking / independent /brave (courageous) /responsible / mature in thinking

  1. After he ran away from home , he became a cabin boy on a ship 
  2. Even though , he came from a wealthy family , he did not mind to start working from the lowest rank .
  3. Due to his hard work , he was promoted swiftly from seaman to midshipman and finally to become a captain .  

 Good luck guys . Chaiyok !

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